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Acupuncture for the treatment of headache pain has shown positive results in the past. Now, another study recently completed at the University of North Carolina Headache Clinic lends even greater credibility to the value of Acupuncture for Americans in achieving headache pain relief.

 Seventy-four patients already receiving medical treatment at the clinic were recruited to participate in the study. Only persons who suffered headaches at least 15 days a month qualified. Most of the patients in the study reported having headaches almost every single day.

 One group of patients in the study continued to receive standard medical care for their condition. The second group was randomly assigned to receive standard medical care, plus receive a course of 10 Acupuncture treatments over the next six weeks.

 The same Acupuncturist administered all treatments. Since each individualís body and their needs arc considered to be different, the individual treatment regime was varied from person to person. 

During the course of the six-week study, patients were instructed to maintain records of medications used and headache pain severity. They also were asked to complete standardized questionnaires designed to measure changes in quality of life, physical function, bodily pain and general health. Vitality, social functioning and general mental well-being were also noted. 

The results were analyzed at both six-weeks and 12-weeks. At six weeks, the results showed that the Acupuncture group members were 3.7 times more likely to report less suffering from headaches than the patients only receiving standard medical care. Furthermore, patients who received the Acupuncture treatments reported significant improvements in many of the quality of life measures. Beyond simply feeling better, the vast majority of the Acupuncture group reported that their headache conditions had improved during each of the six-week segments. 

Statistically, The group that received medical treatment alone did not report improvements. Their results remained essentially unchanged during the course of the study.

 While researchers noted that more study is definitely needed in this area, the findings could be considered to be very encouraging to headache sufferers. Acupuncture may very well help them achieve levels of relief that can contribute to fewer days of pain and a higher quality of life.

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