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        Chinese Herbal Medicine

Although acupuncture was the first of the Traditional Chinese Medicine methods of treatment to gain wide acceptance in the West, Chinese Herbal Medicine is quickly establishing itself as one of the most popular and effective alternative therapies.

Herbal Medicine is the primary treatment method in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is the world’s oldest, continually practiced professional medicine. Herbal Medicine is considered to be especially effective in promoting the body’s ability to heal and recover from illness.

Chinese Herbal Medicine offers a natural method of addressing modern health problems by taking the whole body into consideration, not just treating the symptoms. Herbal medicine corrects imbalances in the body, restoring harmony and therefore treating the disease.

Herbs can be taken internally as tea, in powdered form and in pills. They can also be used as skin plasters and soaks. When properly prescribed Chinese herbs have much lower possibility of side effects than any western drugs.

Note, There has been a growing, justifiable concern about products extorted from the People's 
Republic of China. 

Opus Acupuncture allows you to benefit from the wisdom of Chinese herbal medicine safely and with confidence, without the worry about questionable Chinese production practices.

We provide only Golden Flower Chinese Herbs which guarantees its formulas are uncontaminated
with adulterants or harmful chemicals.

If you need more information about Golden Flower herms, contact us or visit them at www.gfcherbs.com.

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