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Weight Loss
       Kathy from Providence

The meal replacement program allows me to lose weight in my own timeframe.
I have problems with some foods but the Greens 1st gives me the fruits and veggies I
need and the Dream Protein gives me the protein for my weight reduction.

Arthritis               Jerry from Coventry

After a single treatment, I felt immediately and dramatically better.  It was almost like a new lease on life.  I had energy and an improved outlook that I hadnít experienced in some time. It was simply amazing.

Carpel Tunnel, Tennis Elbow & Allergies    Linda from West Greenwich 

My husband, while being treated for cancer, started going to acupuncture. He told me to try it for my carpel tunnel, tennis elbow and allergies. I got relief quickly. My allergies are better and I donít even think about my carpel tunnel or tennis elbow any more because the pain is gone.

Fatigue and Joint Pain               Sharon from East Greenwich

I suffered for 2 years with extreme fatigue and joint pain. After just 4 treatments I was sleeping through the night, my joint pain eased up.  I was able to make it through the day at work. It was the best I felt in years!

Major Accident

A work-related accident left me with total left-side numbness, a dropped foot and constant headaches. Visits to many different medical doctors did little good. A friend suggested seeing Dr. OíBrien. I skeptically made an appointment. Each visit I was progressively better than the last. After eleven visits most of the sensation has returned to my left side and I am at full strength. My headaches, aches and pains are gone. I am no longer skeptical but very grateful.