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Pain Management

Here are the facts

In a nationwide survey of Acupuncture users:

                - 91.5% reported "disappearance" or "improvement" of symptoms after
                - 84% said they see their MD's less.
                - 79% said they used fewer prescriptions or Over The Counter drugs.
                - 70% of those to whom surgery had been recommended said they avoided it.

Typical Profile of Pain Relief


The above is a typical profile of the pain reduction through a series of acupuncture treatments. Note
that the pain actually increased following the 9th treatment. However, the pain level on the 10th treatment is still 40% below what it was upon starting treatments. And, following the 11th treatment the pain level is once again dramatically reduced.

This chart also illustrates the difference between Relief Care and Stabilization Care. Stabilization Care begins when pain level has been reduced approximately 90%, at approximately treatment 15. Also note that there is little pain volitatility during the Stabilization phase of treatment.

These numbers are documented. And if you think the results are psychological (mind over pain) then consider that animals experience the same type of safe relief as humans do!

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