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Rule #1

Don’t set you sights too high like losing 30 pounds in a month! (Those signs advertising weight loss pills are NOT true and sometimes dangerous to your health). When you get ready to start your program set small goals, (such as 5 pounds or 10% of your current weight). These goals are easier to stay focused on and can help you to the next step.

Rule #2

There’s no way around it... 3, 500 calories is one pound lost. Whether you take in 500 fewer or burn 500 more calories a day, by the end of the week, you’ll be one pound lighter!

Rule #3

Your weight tends to fluctuate from day to day. Resist the temptation to weigh yourself on a daily basis. This habit can be discouraging. Weigh in the same time and day once a week, generally first thing in the morning before your energizing Greens First Meal Replacement Shake.

Rule #4

Your ultimate goal should be a realistic one. Some of us will never fit into that prom dress or wedding gown! Our bodies change with time. Be happy about a weight that is healthy for you at this point in time... not 10-15 years ago.

Rule #5

There’s no quick fix or magic pill! What we are talking about here is long-term weight loss that is healthy for you and makes you feel energetic with that overall sense of well being.

 It’s Easy As 1-2-3!

 Let’s review the products you will need and some tools to help you reach you goals.

You will be replacing 2 meals per day with the Greens First Meal Replacement Shake [‘GFMR”] (Greens First, Dream Protein, and Complete Essentials! or Omega-3 First for breakfast and Red Alert in the afternoon) 

#1 Take the first GFMR Shake BEFORE you eat or drink any thing else in the morning and take the shake within 30 minutes of getting up. (Yes, even before your morning cup of coffee!)

 Eat a Healthy Snack at 10:00 am

#2 Take the second GFMR Shake for lunch. 

Eat a Healthy Snack at 3:00pm & take a Red Alert Afternoon Energy Drink 

#3 Eat a healthy, low fat dinner early in the evening, around 6:00pm

For free samples & more information go to www.firstshake.com/1973