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Visiting Coventry in August, 2005 from Germany, the group is pictured here.


   The purpose of our groups is to improve our understanding of other cultures, customs and languages while creating lasting friendships and having the opportunity to travel at a very modest cost. We accomplish this by exchanging visits with the various groups. When our group visits abroad, we stay in the other group's homes and live and eat as they do. They plan trips and sightseeing tours for us and accompany us as interpreters and guides. In turn, we then host the other groups in our homes and do the same for them.    

  Our Groups

     Would you like to make new friends, both in Europe and in the US and learn a lot about various European cultures? Our friendship link is a group of adults that meet monthly in Coventry, RI. We are affiliated with similar groups in:

Coventry, England         
                Vannes, France     
                           Meschede, Germany

Requirements for membership: 
  Payment of dues - $10.00 pp p/year
  Attendance at 50% of meetings


 We also ask that our members do one or       more of the following:
Provide housing for guests
  Serve on at least one committee 
  Support Link functions   

Meetings are held every 2nd Tuesday
of each month at 7:30 p.m. at the Senior Center, 50 Wood Street, Coventry, RI.  All are welcome.
Members who actively participate in Link activities and previous programs will have the first opportunity to travel as guests to our sister cities.

  General Information
Although the home base of the Coventry Friendship Link is in the Town of Coventry, Rhode Island, USA, it is not necessary that a member be a resident of Coventry.  We are always interested in new members from the local area (Scituate, West Warwick, Warwick, West Greenwich, and beyond).  We would also like to create new links both in the U.S. and other countries. If you are interested in joining our group or starting up a link exchange group, please email us at



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