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How Acupuncture Works

YES, it works and NO it's not all in your mind. Dogs, horses and other animals get relief with
acupuncture! We know it's not a pyschological effect on them

More than 5000 years ago eastern physicians discovered an energy which flows just below the skin to all the internal organs. That energy is actually blood flow.

They theorized that if that if blood flows freely there is good health. To quote a classical Chinese medical text “If there is free flow, there is no pain; if there is no free flow, there is pain.”

Erin, a 10 year old, smiles as Dr. O'Brien 
relieves his shoulder pain with an acupuncture
treatment. Note the two needles in Erin's arm.

Modern medical research continues to investigate how acupuncture works. What they have found so far is that acupuncture improves and regulates blood flow. See more on modern research.

Your blood is responsible for many functions in your body. It provides oxygen, nutrients, immunity and glucose/sugar (energy) to your body and its cells. Your blood helps to regulate hormones and your own natural pain fighting endorphins. It also removes waste (carbon dioxide and toxins) from your body.

Lack of blood flow (blockage/stagnation) causes decreased oxygenation and a build up of waste in the cells of the body. This can lead to a variety of symptoms, including pain. Acupuncture corrects that stagnation and improves the blood flow there by resolving your problem.

To accurately resolve your problem, Dr. O’Brien’s plan of care for you will address your symptoms as well as the cause of your problem. This will result in a permanent solution or correction of your problem.

With each visit your progress is measured to assure not only relief but also correction. Your progress is derived from how you feel and what improvements have been made since the last visit.

Progress may also be indicative of what is observed by Dr. O’Brien during exam (pulse and tongue diagnosis, which reflects the general health of the body) and treatment (palpation or feeling for tender points to identify blockages within the body).

From its ancient beginnings to this day, acupuncture diagnostics center on finding the blockages and imbalances within the body (the cause) and treating them to allow your natural healing process to begin (correction).

Acupuncture continues to work today as it had long ago because it follows the same principle of maintaining the free flow function.